Level 1 FGF® Flexibility & Mobility - 2 Day Seminar

This seminar will cover important aspects of teaching FGF® including:


  • Flexibility VS Mobility - understanding the difference and the importance of both
  • Tensegrity
  • Compensation and the 'Reservoir of Compensation'

Coaching skills including (but not limited to)

  • How to spot correctly
  • How to observe, analyse and feedback clients

Level 1 FGF® Exercises
Divided into shoulder and hip anatomical regions, with spinal exercises falling into both categories.

  • Shoulder Flexibility
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Hip Flexibility
  • Hip Mobility

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Level 1 Forma Gymnastic Fitness Certifications

Conditioning & Movement

These basic conditioning exercises form the foundation for all gymnastic movements and advanced skills, they are divided into 3 body regions: Core, Upper Body & Lower Body.

The movement exercises are a BIG part of how we develop athletes at Forma, we consider them essential for any fitness programme from complete beginner to professional athlete.

Flexibility & Mobility

These have been the missing links for decades in almost every strength and conditioning programme around. Discover the drills and approaches we have honed to develop high levels of joint mobility and control in countless adults.

These should be regarded as essential factors for physical health and longevity, not optional!

Handstand Fundamentals

Despite the growing popularity of handstands in the fitness world, finding quality coaches with the necessary experience and knowledge is still quite a rarity.

We have developed an extremely efficient and thorough programme to help even complete beginners learn how to begin hand-standing safely.

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These 2 day seminars are designed for health & fitness professionals and will include lectures, discussion based learning, as well as active practice of the exercises within a gym setting. Please note that these events are NOT SIMPLY PHYSICAL TRAINING SEMINARS, although we will actively practice gymnastic fitness exercises, the main emphasis will be on teaching participants how to teach the exercises correctly and safely.

Upon successful completion of an FGF® Flexibility and Mobility seminar, the participant will receive the ‘Level 1 FGF® Flexibility & Mobility Trainer‘ designation offered by Forma. This certification will allow participants to announce themselves as a certified FGF® Flexibility & Mobility Trainer for the purpose of advertising. They will also be included on our website, in our ‘Find a Trainer’ network.