Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are still being updated so more information will be added very soon.


How fit do I need to be?

Our programme of classes is designed to take on complete beginner level students right on through to elite level athletes.

As our classes are progressive in nature, this means we start out with very basic strength and mobility drills in our Foundation classes and progress individuals along a very fun but thorough course of increasing difficulty only when individual students are ready.

Do you provide 1-2-1 Personal Training?

Yes we do provide 1-2-1 sessions that can be tailored to your needs, current ability and progress.

Please contact us directly for more details and how to book your sessions.


What shall I bring to class?

Water for your thirst and a small towel if you sweat a lot when working out. Bottled water is available to buy at both gyms and tap water is also available.

There is a limited amount of storage space for your belongings in our studios so please bring minimal baggage.

Is there a beginners class?

Yes we do have specific beginner classes.

Beginners Foundations, Stretch & Core, Shoulder Prehab, Flexibility & Beginners Handstands are all suitable for complete beginners.

If you are reasonably fit and strong and used to physical training you may be bale to attend our foundations classes and handstand classes also.

What should I wear?

We recommend regular gym clothes to our classes that are not restricting your movement such as T-shirts, vests, sports bras, shorts, leggings and tracksuit bottoms.

We workout with bare feet in all of our classes. No footwear of any kind is to be worn in the studios.

I'm not flexible, will I be able to do anything?

We get asked this a lot and it actually makes us laugh, as hardly any of us (the instructors) were very flexible when we began our training.

You do not need to be flexible to start, but you do need to start in order to become flexible.

All of our classes have specific sections of warm up and basic stretching, but our Flexibility classes and Stretch & Core classes are deigned to specifically improve your flexibility over 60 minutes.

Upgrading or Downgrading Memberships

All of our memberships are set up as contract between you and us for an initial 6 month period. However we understand the need for flexibility and so if you wish to either upgrade or downgrade during those initial 6 months, please contact us in writing via email ( and we will do this for you. Please do not purchase another membership, you will be charged for 2 memberships, email us and we will take care of it for you.

If you wish to cancel a membership please write to us via email, so long as you have completed your initial 6 month contract we will process for you upon request.

Changing your Debit or Credit Card

If you have been issued a new credit or debit card please update your card details under the relevant section in our account, otherwise you may fall behind on payments that we will need to collect.




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