The aim of massage is to promote relaxation and wellbeing

Massage is for relaxing muscular tension, increasing circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage and inducing a state of calmness and ease, regular massage helps reduce the build up of tensions from daily life and exercise.

Massage can be remedial if you are dealing with body pain.

We tailor our massage service to your needs and requests, such as a soothing massage or a deep tissue massage. Sessions can be full body, back, shoulders, feet, head and face.

Claire-Laure Tan

I qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist in London in 2005 and became an Osteopath in 2007 . I have been intensely  practising Holistic Massage in London before joining the prestigious Harley Street Osteopaths Practise having qualified at the British School of Osteopathy.

I then moved to Gloucestershire UK to establish a successful private practise for Osteopathy and Massage together with my life and professional partner Wesley Tan.

I am known for giving a deeply relaxing massage (and yes I do Deep Tissue Massage!)

I thoroughly release muscle tension and sooth the nervous system to put you right back onto your wellbeing.

Massage is a mode of transportation, I transport you into your most tranquil place, taking care of all muscle aches and tightness... I can't wait to meet you!

Wesley Tan

I qualified as an Osteopath in 2007 studying at the British School of Osteopathy, which is now called the University College of Osteopathy

I then moved to Gloucestershire UK to establish a successful private practise for Osteopathy and Massage together with my wife Claire Tan.

Although first training as an Osteopath, over the years I have recognised the the powerful healing qualities of a deeply relaxing massage alone.

I have since taken courses in Natural Face Lift massage as well as two in depth qualifications in Tantra Massage.

When one is deeply relaxed, the body softens and the mind quiets. A deep sense of the present is all that is and this is when one can become whole.


What do patients say...

Claire's massages are superb and very professional. Claire really knows what she is doing and I feel safe and comfortable. You leave the massage feeling free from any pain and your whole spine feels light and aligned. This massage will help to cure your back pain as well as relax. Amazing value for money, highly recommend.

R. Watkins

The most amazing massage EVER! Claire is so kind and professional. She always feels out the knots and take her time on the parts needing special attention. I always leave feeling very cared for and relaxed.

H. Davies

I am a qualified massage therapist as well as a clinical canine massage therapist and I know a good massage when I have one! Claire does exceptional massages which have left me feeling amazing. My muscles do get tight and sore and Claire's massage always sort me out!

C Nicholls

I went to Claire to see if massage could help with the headache and migraines I'd been getting. It definitely had a huge beneficial effect, migraines stopped for weeks. Claire is reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. She found all sorts of tension spots I didn't know about between my shoulders and under my shoulder blades as well as working on my neck and head. She is really strong and effective!

J. Harding

I have been going to Claire for years now and she is wonderful. Claire is so professional and has such knowledge of the body and what is causing issues. I always feel comfortable and relaxed and come out feeling amazing!!! I can not recommend Claire enough!! If you have any issue go as she has helped me feel great over the year which enables me to do my active job as a dance teacher and zumba instructor!

M. Roberts

I have had treatment from Claire several times and will continue to see her as I find the sessions so helpful. Claire has a strong attentive touch and the combination of Osteopathy and Massage makes for a powerful treatment. One that is deeply relaxing and gets to the root of the problem. I feel in exceedingly capable hands with Claire. I highly recommend.

R. Boari

I had an amazing massage from Claire. I was made to feel comfortable and enjoyed the whole experience. Claire seems to know exactly where to press and she clearly knows exactly what she is doing. I will certainly be returning!


I was bought a massage voucher for my birthday!! I didn't know Claire but right away I felt very comfortable in her company!! I can honestly say that the massage was the BEST I had ever had!! It was a back, neck and shoulder massage and I like it quite firm and Claire did not disappoint!! Half way through I was asked to lay on my back (at that point I thought that the massage was over), but Claire continued down my back from behind my neck...very unusual and very satisfying!!. I felt I really had my monies worth (well my friend's money!). Highly recommend!! Thank you Claire.

C. Smith

A very thorough treatment. Claire is a warm, friendly person. She got into places I didn't know I had. I have booked my next session! Highly recommend.

D. Woodward


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