This Class is specifically designed with complete beginners in mind. Here you will get acquainted with all the beginning movements and body shapes utilised throughout our programme. Besides the exercises themselves you will gain understanding of the basic principles of correct form, alignment and terminology. Basic stretching and mobility drills will also be included and it is expected that after 1-4 months, participants will be able to integrate into our normal foundations classes.

Stretch & Core

Stretch & Core is one of our most popular classes and perfectly suitable for both complete beginners and advanced students. It is an excellent place to start for Beginners who may not have exercised for sometime and want a less intense introduction to our classes. With inspirations drawn from classical dance conditioning, gymnastics and our knowledge of anatomy, these classes bring tone, definition, strength and control to the buttocks, legs, core and arms. This is a 60 minute mat based class.


In this class we focus on building the basics necessary for more advanced gymnastic skills and strength work. Basics should not be confused with easy, but rather regarded as essential requirements for maintaining healthy joints, good mobility and strength. Classes are fun and friendly and start with a light warm up, joint mobilising drills and stretching before we move on to strengthening exercises.


An hour dedicated to opening the body with deep stretches. You don’t need to be super bendy to start, you just need to show up. We know that flexibility takes months to develop, there is no short cut unfortunately, but we can guide you step by step towards increasing flexibility and freedom in your movements. The focus is on opening up the major joints such as the hips, spine and shoulders and developing the movements such as the splits and bridge. These movements are absolutely necessary to maintain a youthful and supple body and to progress with more advanced strength exercises.


A fundamental gymnastics skill that builds great strength and total body control, handstands are also super fun! Many aspects come together including a strong core, flexible and strong shoulders, strong wrists, balance and control. Classes will utilise lots of body-line drills, shoulder and wrist work, partner work and of course handstands. We prefer complete beginners to have at least a month of Foundations experience before starting Handstand classes but this is not always essential.

Wall Bars

Wall bars are probably the most versatile piece of gymnastic equipment there is, and we have a ton of exciting drills for both strength and flexibility training. Join us for an hour of hanging, lifting, stretching, and toning that will leave you toned and lengthened all over.

Shoulder Prehab

This class is all about maintaining shoulder health. Promoting good shoulder mobility, strength, control and balanced musculature. This class will help keep those niggles at bay and allow you to continue training. Perfect also for rehab of common shoulder problems such as rotator cuff strains, impingement issues, tendonitis and frozen shoulder.

Ring Strength

This class is open to students who have been training with us for a minimum of 6 months or who can satisfy our pre-requisites. If you would like to attend this class you must speak with one of our coaches first. Use of the gymnastic rings can produce amazing levels of strength, but the correct preparation of elbows and shoulders is paramount to avoid potential injuries.


This class is designed for the improvement of your cardiovascular fitness, 30 minutes of alternating high and low 3 minute rounds followed by 15 minutes of cool down and stretching. During the high intensity rounds we utilise lots of equipment and incorporate all the major muscle groups of the body. During the lower intensity rounds we focus on movement and mobility drills to keep the heart rate elevated but at a lower rate.

"Their facility and training is first class, their attention to detail and enthusiasm inspiring. The people of Stroud and Gloucester are really lucky to have this facility underpinned by great coaching!"

Rob Solly, Celebrity Fitness Coach, London