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Beginners to advanced - Flexibility, Handstands, Strength Training, Mobility, Rings & more

Beginners Workouts

Beginners Workouts - These 30 minute workouts take you through many of our classic, beginner level gymnastic progressions. Your general fitness levels will improve as we target improving mobility and strength in the legs, core and upper body.

Start here if you are new to gymnastic fitness, your age does not matter, everyone can improve!

Stretch & Core

Suitable for both beginners and advanced students. With inspirations drawn from classical dance conditioning (floor barre), gymnastics and our knowledge of anatomy, these classes bring tone, definition, strength and control to the buttocks, legs and core.

Foundations at Home

Thorough workouts including gymnastic mobility and strength exercises. After a proper warmup with movement drills we move onto a balanced workout hitting most major parts of the body. Designed to be done at home with minimal to no equipment needed.


Flexibility workouts are an essential part of our gymnastic fitness programme. They improve ranges of movement overtime, help to keep the body balanced by countering the tension created by strength training.

We work on building deep pike folds, straddles, pancakes, front splits, middle splits, backbends and bridges.

You don't need to be flexible to start, you need to start to become flexible!

Beginners Handstands

These classes will build up your strength and confidence in going up on your hands. We begin with simple and effective wrist and shoulder exercises to prepare the body, as well as handstand alignment drills done lying on the floor.

Then we use partial bodyweight exercises to get you going upside down.


Handstands are fun, challenging and extremely rewarding for improving your balance, control and kinaesthetic awareness.

These classes will build upon the basics of the Handstand Beginners classes and push you toward achieving your free standing handstand as well as other position such as tucks and straddles and various entries.


"Had an amazing week training in Gloucester with the Forma gang. Their facility and training is first class"

Rob Solly

Celebrity Fitness Coach, London

"At 50 years old, my body shape is the best it has ever been. "

Cath Nicoll

Owner, Dogs Body Canine Massage

“I travelled from Ireland to spend a week just dedicated to training with the Forma crew."

Ornagh Lee

Fitness Coach, More Chalk, Dublin

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